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The “workhorses” Goodyear.

GoodyearA new generation of the truck tires Goodyear has been called “Workhorse”.

The debuted tires of the new line are intended for the mixed operating conditions, while the series consist of two models of the tires Goodyear for the trucks.

The tire Goodyear Workhorse MSA recommended for the use on the paved roads. The thickened tread increases the resource of the tire and makes the contact patch wider, which provides good resistance and driveability. The frame made of metal cord makes the tire quite durable (its load capacity index – H and L – to 4.5 tons). There is a refined tread pattern of 2014 honda odyssey fog lights for the reduction of noise. The model is available in three different sizes: 11R22.5 (H), 11R24.5 (H) and 315/80R22.5 (L).

The tires Goodyear Workhorse MSD can be used for the driving on the paved surfaces and off road, as they have a reinforced frame and are useful for reconstruction. The increased tread depth (31/32 inches) and an improved configuration of the arrangement of tire blocks increase the traction force in difficult conditions. The resistance to cuts and breaks is achieved through the use of the special special formula of the rubber compound.