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Choosing the tires.

Choosing the tires.

The car manufacturers often provide their own recommendations on the choice of tires that you should follow. The main condition for selecting tires is that they must match the car wheels. All four wheels must have the same tires must (which is highly recommended). You can go differently, but you should remember that the tires.

Choosing the tires

Now let’s talk about so-called “seasonal rubber”. There are two types of it: 1. summer 2. winter. As for the winter rubber, it can be with (or without) spikes, that slow down the sliding. Such tires carry the marking M+S (mud + snow). The rubber, equipped with spikes, is better for the trips to the country. You can drive on the pavement without the spike rubs. Summer tires are suitable for the rest of seasons.

There are tires carrying the marking AS (All Seasons) or AW (All Weather). Such tires are all-season and don’t require replacement. However, their qualities are worse than those of the specialized ones. Moreover, they are much more expensive.