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Power steering How does it work

With the advent of cars with large dimensions and, as a result, with increased own weight, very sharply there was a question about how to manage such vehicles. Now the steering wheel required more effort applied to it, otherwise the implementation of any kind of maneuvers became virtually impossible.

Power steering

And now, with a little conjure, in 1951, the assembly line produced the first production car equipped with regular hydraulic “assistant.” It was the first production car with a booster Chrysler Crown Imperial.

At that time, the hydraulic power steering design was not particularly complex. The whole principle of its work was limited to the supply of liquid in a cylinder to create an additional auxiliary force to the steering mechanism of the vehicle.

And though many of the leading manufacturers of automotive industry in the segment of passenger cars, for a variety of reasons, have already begun to move towards the use of electric power steering counterpart, yet none of the truck is not complete without the participation of hydraulics.