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LED vs incandescent bulb comparison

led light bulbs carCurrent I’m comparing the LEDs incandescence. On this side you have a standard. 2 filament incandescent led light bulbs. On this side. We have is a 36 LED it’s the round it we do use not the SMBs which I wish I would’ve bought. Panel back on. Go under lights on. Now you see it looks about the same the 6 little more. Pink in the camera turned the incandescent is much more red. And we need to learn more orange.

Which I will be okay with this result. Except for when you hit the brick go ahead. You can see the LED almost changed not always incandescent got very bright. To take a break off. Break on. Now so the Daily News I’m not mistaken with these. I’m gonna go back home I do get the 68 LEDs which I have on my own site http://mediafirebuzz.com led light bulbs. Hi my Foggo’s because they’re much brighter but these just a. Just our continent so I would recommend not getting these if ther for any sort of actual safe usage of the just for decoration go ahead but I’ll go with the the 68 SMD LEDs. Thanks.