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Power steering How does it work

With the advent of cars with large dimensions and, as a result, with increased own weight, very sharply there was a question about how to manage such vehicles. Now the steering wheel required more effort applied to it, otherwise the implementation of any kind of maneuvers became virtually impossible.

Power steering

And now, with a little conjure, in 1951, the assembly line produced the first production car equipped with regular hydraulic “assistant.” It was the first production car with a booster Chrysler Crown Imperial.

At that time, the hydraulic power steering design was not particularly complex. The whole principle of its work was limited to the supply of liquid in a cylinder to create an additional auxiliary force to the steering mechanism of the vehicle.

And though many of the leading manufacturers of automotive industry in the segment of passenger cars, for a variety of reasons, have already begun to move towards the use of electric power steering counterpart, yet none of the truck is not complete without the participation of hydraulics.

Choice of tires (winter / summer / all seasons)

Along with the change of seasons and weather, respectively, each owner of the car is regularly confronted with the task of profitable buy of tires to “shod” his car, according to the season.

The modern market, in particular, the shadow market, offers many attractive options for the price, not giving a guarantee of quality and reliability of the product.

choose tires

Purchase winter tires or summer ones, as well, as “shoe” in your car, every car owner should only in reliable suppliers of these products and related services. Even the universal all-season tires, periodically require updating.

Among this variety of proposals, it is necessary to trust only guaranteed reliable suppliers of goods and services in order to avoid many unexpected situations and unnecessary financial costs.

Moreover, that suitable tire for your car and driving style is difficult to buy choosing it yourself. It is better to trust the opinion of recognized professionals and do not skimp on purchasing quality products.

Choosing the tires.

Choosing the tires.

The car manufacturers often provide their own recommendations on the choice of tires that you should follow. The main condition for selecting tires is that they must match the car wheels. All four wheels must have the same tires must (which is highly recommended). You can go differently, but you should remember that the tires.

Choosing the tires

Now let’s talk about so-called “seasonal rubber”. There are two types of it: 1. summer 2. winter. As for the winter rubber, it can be with (or without) spikes, that slow down the sliding. Such tires carry the marking M+S (mud + snow). The rubber, equipped with spikes, is better for the trips to the country. You can drive on the pavement without the spike rubs. Summer tires are suitable for the rest of seasons.

There are tires carrying the marking AS (All Seasons) or AW (All Weather). Such tires are all-season and don’t require replacement. However, their qualities are worse than those of the specialized ones. Moreover, they are much more expensive.

The benefits of the new car

The benefits of the new car.

new rarsAs soon as the idea of purchasing a vehicle comes up, you start to think about what kind of car to buy: a new or maintained one.

Of course, the new car does not go in comparison with anything. This opinion will be in every person who has ever has driven in his. Car in the oil is a modern design, upgraded specifications, as well as the convenience of the highest level. Of course, today, there are many varieties of modern cars, where it is pleasant to drive.

Comfort in the process of driving is very important for any driver, as it affects the security of driving a car. Plus electronics, which is equipped with a modern car make easier to ride on the road, as the driver removes error.
In short, all the innovation in the system play a greater role in security, then this is an important argument for buying a new car.

Another argument can be called a technique. In case of failure, you can apply to the salon where you can solve all the problems with defects in the car. What can’t be said about buying supported car.